Federation attracts its first £50k worth of funding and support

The Federation of Open Home Networks has attracted support from the Climate Change Collaboration, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), The National Energy Foundation and key industry player Andrew Warren, adding momentum to its efforts to attract new funds for existing Green Open Home networks.

At a meeting in March 2014, the Climate Change Collaboration (a group of four Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts) agreed to offer the Federation a total of £30,000 over two years. The money will support the Federation’s aim to build sustainable financial support for existing green open homes groups including from national sponsors, grant funding and alternative income streams.

So far, the Federation has 11 member groups, together representing nearly 1000 green homes in the UK. One purpose of the Federation is to bring critical mass to the number of green open homes that can be reached through a single point of contact. This will be especially helpful to a potential sponsor, research partner or grant provider. Federation Chairman, Andrew Warren, commented “With around 1000 green open homes represented, the Federation is now ready to approach potential national sponsors. There’s real strength in groups working together to bring a much larger total audience within reach of sponsors.”

Green Open Home Open Days are about inspiring householders to make their older homes more energy efficient, comfortable and sustainable. Visitors get unbiased user feedback from real homeowners of the type that you don’t find in a sales showroom. This explains the very high levels of visitor satisfaction. Visitors leave these events with increased confidence of what they can do to make energy saving improvements to their own homes.

DECC, which has funded the growth of new open home groups in 2013/14, has also offered some short term funding support for the Federation. £6000 has been earmarked to support a schedule of agreed strategic and secretariat activities and £7500 has been distributed through the Centre for sustainable Energy to help Federation members host open days later in 2014.

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) also invested £5000 and some additional staff time to support the formation of the Federation, supporting early meetings and approaches to funders.

At the start of the year Andrew Warren joined the Federation as its new Chairman. Andrew is a former Special Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee on the Environment and became Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy following its foundation in 1981. He is hugely respected in the retrofit arena and is already giving added impetus to The Federation’s work.

The Federation will be working with the National Energy Foundation and the Centre for Sustainability Energy over the coming period to realise plans to help ensure a sustainable future for all Green Open Homes groups.

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For more information, please phone Gordon Glass on 01908 256922 or email gordon.glass@nef.org.uk

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